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Posted 29 May 2015

By Stuart Joness

New Budge-Fudge paper in Petroleum Geoscience

 A new exciting paper has recently been accepted for publication in the journal Petroleum Geoscience. It applies a new 'budge-fudge' method for pore pressure estimation and uses data sets from the Cretaceous mudstones of the Haltenbanken, Norway.

Sargent, C., Goulty N.R., Cicchino, A.M.P. & Ramdhan, A.M. 2015. Budge-Fudge method of pore-pressure estimation from wireline logs with application to Cretaceous mudstones at Haltenbanken. Petroleum Geoscience, in press (Nov 2015 issue). doi: 10.1144/petgeo2014-088.